Adirondack Chair Co of Cape Cod LLC Featuring a collection of fine garden furnishings representing the very best of America`s designers. Adirondack Chair Co of Cape Cod LLC
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Adirondack Chair Co of Cape Cod LLC
The Adirondack Chair is synonymous with outdoor leisure and enjoyment ...

Adirondack Chair Co of Cape Cod LLC
Located at
45 Cassick Valley Rd.
South Wellfleet, MA 02663

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(774) 722-7631

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Adirondack Chair Co of Cape Cod LLC
About Our Company and the People Who Build Your Furniture

It all started with a Subaru, and a ladder rack......

Hello, I'm Tyler Roderick. And as of December 29th 2017 I am the new owner of the Adirondack Chair Company of Cape Cod.
After working in the trades from young adult hood. I had the opportunity to start my own venture in woodworking and outdoor furniture... so I set out to build a shop. In searching for a few items to add to my tool arsenal, and general planning I met Ken Cloud. The previous owner. Interested first in only the tools, I quickly found that Ken had built a business that was the perfect vision of what I wanted to create. And was not only interested in selling the tools but the identity of the business. It seemed like a no brainer, the integrity, cheerfulness, and passion the man put into what he was doing was not something to be ignored. So I set out with a new plan to purchase the business and hopefully grow and continue to offer the same quality, and service Ken started with.

back to the Subaru......I was 27 or so, with a good job, cute house next to a golf course, some newly aquired tools and some salvaged lumber.
Also a young family including my then 2 year old daughter. As the weather turned nice, I set out to make a small round table for my daughter to play at to match some stools she loved. She ended up "helping" sanding in between coats, and still has that table 4 years later today. I decided in that and other small projects for her and other children that my ultimate dream would be wood working. Although most specifically super awesome playhouses and such, I enjoy creating all sorts of things and hope to add to my product line up to include all sorts of outdoor living essentials.
Oh yeah the Subaru...My employer and I at the time used to joke about when I reached my goal and someone asked where it started.
well it all started with a subaru outback sport I had built a ladder rack on the haul the long salvaged trim I used to make the first table for my daughter.

Thank you for reading, and thank you even more for your interest in what we offer!

Be Well
Tyler Roderick
The Adirondack Chair Co. of Cape Cod


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